Connecting with Devils Club November 11, 2015

Oplopanax horridus (Devils Club) is a powerful and protective west coast plant that contains much valuable chemistry and spiritual potency.
Honoured and revered by many of the indigenous coastal tribes, this plant has much to share as medicine for the mind body and soul.
It is important to treat Devils Club with respect, just spending time with it and developing a plant spirit connection is the best way to start working with this plant. Over harvesting can be an issue as it can take a long time to recover. So if you plan to use this plant internally, be sure to only take what you need and offer something in exchange.
Herbal Blessings,

Shane Philip

  1. Shannon • November 12, 2015

    What an incredible gift to see your Island Soul sharing of Yarrow's wealth of knowledge in action with such respect for the plants…love it: Herbal Jedi! Reply

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