Edible Island Whole Food Company – An Outside Look October 7, 2015

Steve, the owner of Edible Island, and I went on a cruise to some of the many suppliers. These included: Berry Best Farm (www.facebook.com/berry-best-organic-farm), Tree Island Yogurt (www.treeislandyogurt.com), Eatmore Sprouts(www.eatmoresprouts.com). Victorian Acres Farm (www.victorianacresfarm.ca), Island Bison/Island Water Buffalo(islandbison.com),  Abuelos Corn Toritillas (www.abueloscorntortillas.com), Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary (www.harmonicarts.ca) , Healing Bliss Botanicals (www.healingbliss.ca), Natural Pastures Cheese Factory (www.naturalpastures.com), Amara Farms ( www.facebook.com/AmaraFarm), Church Street Bakery (www.facebook.com/church-street-bakery), Prontissima Pasta (www.prontissimapasta.com), Tannadice Farms (www.tannadicefarms.com)

It was a two day journey and I had the opportunity to meet and film some amazing people. Be sure to check these businesses out!

After all that, I edited it all together along with footage from inside Edible Island, and made a commercial, just under 3 minutes long. This features my song “Outside The Box” as well, so this movie is the complete Island Soul Package. I hope you enjoy it. Please comment below, Please SHARE  and please SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel to see more of my films.

Shane Philip

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