Simplify February 26, 2016

This film is a result of an accidental hike my family came accross in Comox, BC on a trail named the Brooklyn Creek Trail. We saw the trail from the road and decided to explore. Luckily for us we did because it was absolutely beautiful. Im so glad I brought my camera to film this family adventure. What a memory.
Here are some facts about the trail.
Brooklyn Creek is considered by many as a “community jewel” that runs through the Town of Comox, City of Courtenay and the Comox Valley Regional District.
Brooklyn Creek’s headwaters originate at Crown Isle Golf Resort and a small tributary which originates in the Lannan Forest area upstream of Longlands Golf Course. The creek runs for approximately 6 kilometres through two golf courses, large tracts of urban development, a farm, two parks, and spills into the Courtenay Estuary near Mack Lang Park and approximately 900 meters from the Comox Marina.

The Brooklyn Creek Watershed Area described above, collects and drains water into Brooklyn Creek. The Watershed is dependent on rainfall and drainage from these lands to feed the creek and support the habitat surrounding it.

The creek has spawning populations of coho and chum as well as a resident population of cutthroat trout. The watershed is an important green space in the community that provides significant habitat in the areas surrounding the creek for a variety of birds, native plants and small animals including otters and beaver

Shane Philip

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  1. Dyan Spink • March 9, 2016

    Love this film Shane ♡ it was a great hike for me to take both kids on through the teenage years. We all thought we were walking the dog...while we talked through so many expectations in life and challenges of growing up♡ Reply

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