Slippery When Wet / Save the Cumberland Forest November 16, 2015

I went out with my son Zach and caught a little segment of the many bike trails here. This place is a gem. Please help preserve it. Check out www.cumberlandforest.com for more information.

Shane Philip

  1. Ray Patterson • November 16, 2015

    We rode in Cumberland this summer and it was amazing. We shopped at the bike shop, ate at the pizza place, bought beers and gas! If the trail system is ruined the mountain bikers may not come back and that would be a shame. We came from Vernon to ride Hornby, Campbell River and Cumberland. Revelstoke is having similar issues and I hope it can be worked out. We are lucky in Vernon as most of our trails are legal and are in three different provincial parks. Good luck on keeping the trail system intact in Cumberland so Zach, us and many others can enjoy them and Cumberland can enjoy tourists spending their money there for years to come.
    Cheers, Ray
    P.s. We saw your show at Lorenzo's and were totally blown away! Reply

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